What is CBDC on India?

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2 min readDec 2, 2022

Er.R.Vinothkumar from TamilBTC

What is CBDC?

CBDC stands a Centrally Backed Digital Currency Just like a physical note, CBDC will be: — Legal Tender — Liability of the RBI to return us that money

— Our legal obligation to accept it

— Freely convertible against commercial bank

money Symbol: e₹

Features of CBDC?

A. You won’t need a bank account for transacting

B. Lower cost of issuance vis-a-vis notes

C. Negligible risk of being stolen or torn vis-a-vis notes

How will it be different from UPI?

— No time required for settlement amongst banks

— No need of having a bank account Hence, improving financial inclusion

— Substitute of cash

Need for CBDC

A. Security over bank deposits

While our bank balances are insured up to ₹5Lakhs But since CBDC is CENTRALLY BACKED, it is the government’s liability to return us each and every penny Well,

B. Reduction in cost associated with physical cash management Did you know

Govt incurred ₹4,984.80 Cr. for just printing money

CBDCs will help in reducing cost of:

— Printing

— Storage

— Transportation

— Reconciliation (and delay)

— Settlement

  • + Environment Friendly!

C. No Settlement Risk

— In an online payments system, banks need to settle transactions amongst themselves

— CBDC will eliminate this by giving choices to market participants to choose among various settlement options

  • Payments using CBDCs are final and reduce settlement risk

D. Improved Cross-Border Payments Scenario

India is the world’s largest recipient of remittances as it received $87 billion in 2021

— High costs

— Slow speed

— Limited access and

— Insufficient transparency

are some challenges which CBDC will endeavour to solve.

E. Support Financial Inclusion

Despite measures taken like ‘Jan Dhan Yojana’ and UPI

our score at the Financial Inclusion Index is quite low

CBDCs will solve the problems like:

— Poor bank infra availability in remote areas,

— Poor connectivity etc,

F. Ensure end-use utilisation

CBDC is programmable. The trail of money can be tracked

It will be easy for govt to ensure that subsidy released has not been siphoned-off

And indeed used for the purpose intended

E.g. To track subsidy for fertilizer is used for its purchase only

G. Reduced Threats From Western Sanctions

Countries keep their foreign reserves in US Dollars and Gold Reserves

The West recently froze Russian assets held in such reserves

CBDC will help us from such future sanctions..

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