TamilBTC x Huobi Global AMA Recap

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5 min readJul 22, 2022

Our Last AMA with Huobi

⏰ Time: 16 July 2022, 04:00 PM IST

🗣 Location: https://tx.me/TamilBTC

💰 5 Telegram live question and 5 for question from Twitter
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💥AMA will take place in 3 parts:

💬 Part 1: Questions and introductions for Guests.

💬 Part 2: Questions collected from Twitter .

💬 Part 3: People ask questions about Huobi Global to guests directly .

📝 AMA rules:

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💬 Part 1: Questions and introductions for Guests.

Give a brief introduction to Huobi

Huobi was founded in 2013, Huobi Global is a financial services provider specializing in digital assets and its related products.

Our digital assets trading platform, which operates with globalization, specialization, compliance, and diversification at its core, has not encountered any major security breaches in the nine years since its establishment. We pride ourselves on providing a safe and reliable trading environment for users worldwide.

Huobi has more than 500 assets trading and management service, the business of ours has crossed various of parts

As to the detailed business of Huobi Global and how we work, I will share a document to introduce Huobi to you guys, and welcome you guys could ask me anything after then if you have interest in Huobi.

💬 Part 2: Questions collected from Twitter

1.Traders always look for security and safety in the Exchange, how secure is Huobi?

Huobi owns the world’s top security and risk control system, and 24/7 monitoring system, as you can see Huobi has never encountered any major security breaches in the past nine years since its establishment, thus you could tell how strong the security system of Huobi is, you could rest assured that we put our users benefits first as always, you could trade here with no security concern, thanks!

2.Does huobi own enough liquidity to face this bear market?

Yes, sure, as you can see many CEXs came out and vanished one by one in the past 9 year, but Huobi is still here and aims to exploring the global market right now, you know Huobi must have something back up, so guys you do not need to worry about that right now.

3.What is Huobi Primelist? How Trading Bot working on Huobi? And what are the earning methods on Huobi Earn?

Primelist is an event to give you a chance to buy new listing token with a lower price than initial price, and basically, those token new listed in Primelist will get a good price rise after official listing.

Trading bot is a new product that users can find some effective strategies to guide trading and increase the possibilities to earn money here.

Huobi Earn is the place that you can deposit your assets in to earn interest without any loss in the bearish market, when you do not know which asset you want to buy or invest, you just deposit in Huobi Earn and earn passive interest.

4.Indian government cannot give proper clarification on taxes, regulations. So how Huobi handle with that because many indian huobi users confusing and not using?

As an exchange, Huobi always respect local law and regulation to do the business, India now is not a country out of Huobi service, so now it is available Indian people could trade on Huobi, whether there is tax or not, Huobi is one of your best choice, since the transaction fee is the lowest, as you can see the picture I will show you.

5.Why you would try this if person who hold HT more will get more chances to win the newly listed coins? If we do like that HT price also maintain in some good level even in bear market.

Actually, as I know the Primelist winner chance is not based on the HT holding, but the total balance of the Huobi account, or accumulated trading volume of a specific user. But yes, I have received a lot of suggestion from our users, that we need to consider more about HT holders, and I had reported to Primelist department, the decision is theirs, they have their own business logic, if you are interest in this topic, I could arrange them to do AMA next time, and answer questions for you guys.

6.How huobi is better than other exchanges?

Compared to other exchanges, we provide people more new users bonus, CandyDrop you get airdrop, and you can join Primelist.

Besides, we do value users’ experience, and for the new users who sign up from our ambassador, your transaction fee will get 50% discount for one month.

7.Copytrade option will come in future?

Yes, for sure our corresponding departments are on the process of researching and will present the product for all the users in the future, please stay tuned.

8.How to expand business for India?

We plan to recruit more ambassadors and cooperate with some influencers, institutional partners, etc to help us know the local market, users’ trading habit and explore more developing possibilities. If you guys have any suggestion, please let me know.

9.Any plan for huobi connect with Indian bank — to buy USDT via INR(Not p2p)

Yes, of course, for OTC and deposit services, our colleagues are trying to explore more local payment methods, if you have any good local payment channels or advice, please do not hesitate to let us know.

💬 Part 3: People ask questions about Huobi Global to guests directly .

1.What is the unique features on huobi?

I think the unique feature for huobi is, we put our users on the top one important place, and we are looking for more improvement to suit global users, the trading experience will be better and better, please give us some time

2.BSC based USDT withdrawal and Listing on BNB in huobi Happen?

Maybe, one day

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